Elli Paxinou on Erect as a Country

The art historian Elli Paxinou was co-organiser for the symposium on Erection on November 22nd in Athens.
Below how she feels about that astonishing day.

The multidimensional interpretations on the theme of erection gave new insights to the audience on how to approach universal issues in a deeper level. It seemed that the audience reflected these aspects to their own personal experience and tried to exchange their thoughts during the breaks. I was told several times that this symposium was unique, because of the combination of so many ideas, which at the end transcended the vernacular meaning of “erection”. Most of the people are tired of listening to the problems and the consequences of the global crisis, so they demand to reverse things and propose alternative ways to live and think. Hence, the visitors realised that through this conference we tried to deconstruct taboos and boundaries that restrain any progressive action.
The highlight of the day occurred with Houvardas’ performance, which was based on Dimitriadis’ unpublished text Lycaon an Apology of Desire. The director physically entangled in the space the spectators and brought closer to us the act creation by having the writer himself (Dimitriadis) being one of the actors. At that time the old stock exchange was filled with people who were stunned by the spectacle and they were emotionally touched.

Merci à la Biennale d’Athènes pour ces photographies souvenirs de “SE THELO SAN CHORA”
En l’honneur de Dimitris Dimitriadis
C’était le 22 novembre 2013








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